Managed AWS vs Unmanaged AWS hosting: Which is the better option

I have been looking for the ideal hosting option to work with rubyonrails. I have created a small website on the same pattern as of fiverr. Currently, the site is only for the university students. So, that they could get some work for themselves. I am almost done with the development phase. Now, I am looking for the hosting phase.
I know AWS server is among the best hosting providers available in the industry. Perhaps, the best in the cloud hosting industry and it works completely fine with the conventional AWS server. But, does the case remains the same in case of managed instance of AWS server and what do you recommend as the best hosting option.

why not Heroku?

  1. You should start with deploying your app on test environment of your choice (heroku or aws) and start testing your code from the begonning. Now when you are almost done you will probably need some changes to make your app production ready.
  2. I would start considering hosting option by answearing some questions:
    2.1. Do i have time/knowledge to run my app on self-managed environment? Or do I want to learn something new by the way?
    2.2. How many users will I have? What is the traffic I want to be ready for?
    2.3. What is my budget?
    2.4. Do I have some specific needs - big data, lambda, monitoring, centralized logging?

I would suggest considering heroku as it is free for one node deployments (with some limitations).
AWS has a service called Elastic Beanstalk which is somehow similiar to heroku but it needs more time/knowledge to setup properly. You need to configure database (RDS) or nosql, networks and firewalls with VPC, domains and load balancers.
You could also setup a bunch of EC2 servers for your app, but this needs more work on your side as youbwill be responsible for managing and setting up everything on your server(s).

If your budget is low you should check free trials and always free services on every provider. You could also check GCP as their always free services are a bit more powerfull.