Polish view of the the UK Ruby Market


Sorry but we can’t be so materialists :slight_smile: In Germany you have better medical care, better highways, better cars (most cars in Poland are from Germany…:wink: ). Please don’t compare like that. I have an impression that RoR developers in Poland are looking only for money - life is not only money!


Exactly - real estate and gold are also important!


Highways are not useful during programming :wink: Health care - true, but in Germany - I heard a lot bad about UK health system. However its not enough to leave the country.


@rafau you’re right. On the other hand British healtcare is a complete disaster. If you think polish one is bad, the british one is abysmal. I personally know 2 people who came back to Poland solely because they were afraid for their life after going to British hospital. In Poland public health care is often better then private one in UK (that’s why recently some of my British friends started going to Polish doctors in UK), and on senior developer salary you can easilly afford private health plan.


@swistak84 I probably live in different Poland…
I have personal experiences with public and private (sometimes very expensive) health care and I have my opinion what health care in Poland looks like. But it’s not the topic. Everybody focused on flats which are expensie - that’s true…but in UK things like clothes, cars, home electricals are cheaper - you should take it into account also.


Yep, that’s why I buy my clothes in the UK usually. And have them shipped to Poland. :wink:



Even with tho 100k role, a person who would be good enough to fit the position would surely be able to get another job that doesn’t pay as much, but lets him have a higher standard of living in Poland, for example. The high salaries only fool young people, who aren’t gonna fill your senior roles.

However, there are still some crazy people who’d prefer the hustle and bustle of London to living in Poland and they are your hope. Or, convincing the companies to hire remotely, then this forum would be your gold mine :wink:

Personally, I moved out of Poland for financial reasons when I was young and stupid. Now I know there’s no economic sense for me in living abroad, but I just like it :wink:


I haven’t seen a single job offer from UK that would be even close to what I can make by working remotely for clients from USA and (in my case) Norway. So that’s pretty simple for me :slight_smile:

But yeah, location location location. If a given city has something unique to offer I’m sure it could do the trick for many people. I would love to spend some time in UK (funny but I’ve never been there hah!). In any case it would be really difficult for me as I have children and I’m sure lots of seniors are in a similar situation. So, the offer would have to be absolutely outstanding to convince me to pack my stuff, take my family and move.