[Warszawa / Metro Swietokrzyska] I’m looking for RoR developers for Spark Solutions [5-10k & 10-15k PLN net]

Hi, my name is Piotr Leniec but everyone calls me Lenny. I’m the Vice President of Engineering at Spark Solutions, an E-commerce Software House and I’m looking for talented, passionate developers - both senior and mid-level devs, frontends and backends. We have an office in Warsaw Metro Swietokrzyska and work for US & Canadian clients.

Feel free to apply here, I will contact you back shortly:

In the meantime, if you have a minute, let me tell you a bit more about Spark Solutions.

On the backend, most of our projects are built on Spree which is a complete, modular & API-driven open source e-commerce solution for Ruby on Rails. We’re also the Core Team behind the Spree project so besides commercial work you can also work on open source and we’ll pay you for that :slight_smile: We also use many popular gems like Sidekiq for background jobs, RSpec for writing tests, dry-rb for more advanced logic processing and Capybara to write integration and e2e tests for the whole applications.

To ensure the quality of the projects, we use Rubocop and Reek to enforce code style and good practices. Brakeman is another static code analyzer which finds security vulnerabilities. Not every issue with code can be found using static analyzers so we complement them with runtime checkers like bullet for finding N+1 queries and rack-mini-profiler for detecting memory leaks and performance optimization.

On the frontend, we use the newest syntax of JavaScript (ES2018), React with Redux for rendering dynamic pages and Webpack for bundling scripts and stylesheets. Whole development experience is very smooth because Webpack is configured to handle Hot Module Replacement and both React and Redux state persistence. Similarly to the backend, we also use static code analyzers for frontend code: ESLint checks JavaScript code while stylelint checks SCSS.

We do our best to give users the best possible user experience so we frequently audit the applications’ performance using Google Page Speed Insight and Google Lighthouse.

When it comes to infrastructure and servers, we use Heroku and/or AWS, both with Docker and full Continuous Integration and Deployment workflows in place. It automates a lot of DevOps work and allows us to focus on the most interesting stuff like coding new features. CircleCI is our continuous integration platform of choice on which we run tests and static code analyzers. In the projects, we use databases and services like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis and ElasticSearch.

Our workflow is a form of light agile, sprints are 1 or 2 weeks long and after each iteration, we conduct a retrospection to discuss the latest sprint. We use GitLab Flow with staging , production and feature environments. Code reviews are an integral part of our workflow.

We work in teams from 2 to 10 people. The teams are composed of developers, quality assurance specialists responsible for finding bugs and giving UX tips, project managers who are responsible for coordinating work and communication with clients and business continuity people who monitor applications and check if the processes are working correctly. We work on our skills and learn new stuff during internal workshops, hackatons but most importantly in commercial projects in a mentor-student relationship.

As I’ve mentioned we have an office in Warsaw Metro Swietokrzyska so conveniently located in the city center near the best eateries and diners. Every day we have a free breakfast for everyone in a restaurant of your choice - pick one of 3 available in the area. On Fridays we have a company-wide Foodie Friday - we vote which restaurants in Warsaw we like best, pick our favorites and order free lunch. On top of that we have private medical insurance, a sports club card, some of us play football, sail Zalew Zegrzynski, do some carting, skating or rollerblading and many other activities.

If you like what you hear / read, let me know. I’m looking for senior and mid-level devs, frontends and backends. Feel free to apply here, I will contact you back shortly:

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