100% remote Full stack Ruby ans JS developer. :)


At Hinterview we’re using video to change the way the recruitment industry works. Our video interviewing tool allows candidates to express their personality and showcase experience that can’t be seen in a CV. Our wider platform helps recruitment professionals to fight against the increasingly technology-led erosion of their value proposition.
We’re just a small, lean team but we’ve built the leading product in the market! We are looking to grow and increase our dev capacity to be able to work on more of the exciting projects coming up.
The Role
This is a remote, work from anywhere role. Our head office is in London but we’re a pragmatic team, and we don’t care where you work from. We’re only interested in allowing you to do the best work you can.
We’re looking for a Ruby on Rails Full-Stack Developer with a focus on JavaScript to join us in shaping the next version of the platform.
We’re a small team building an ambitious product which means you’ll be working across the entire tech stack.
From a backend point of view it’s early days in the product’s life and you’ll have a say in shaping the architecture of the app. We have several big jobs pending in moving the app to a full SPA and extracting several bits of the monolith app into discreet services.
From a frontend point of view, as the product develops we’re obsessed with providing the best UX experience we can, so there’s a big focus in building intelligent and dynamic frontend UI.
But overall, on a day to day basis your time will be spent building new features and improving existing ones. We love getting features into user’s hands early, learning and iterating quickly.

About You
• You’re a pragmatic and mature developer who thrives on problem solving across all layers of the app.
• You’re passionate about building products that humans love to use.
• You understand the tensions and challenges between perfect code and getting features shipped.
• You’re ok with ambiguity in your tasks. We need someone to bring their own creativity, to fill the gaps, while staying aligned to the team’s vision.
• You enjoy a fast paced environment where priorities change. That’s part of the fun, and we need great engineers who can adapt quickly.
• Strong interpersonal skills and remote experience. We’re a partially remote team, we need to communicate a lot and we like to be nice to each other :slightly_smiling_face:

Required Technical Skills
• Ruby on Rails - we like to keep it simple, We hope you do too.
• Github Pull Requests - Code reviews are an extremely important part of the process.
• Vuejs. If you have experience with React or other modern JavaScript frameworks that’s fine too, you just need to be comfortable with JavaScript testing, webpack, ES6, the usual suspects.
• SQL. Most of the time AR get us 95% of the way, but every now and then we need to talk to Postgres directly. We need you to be able to jump into somewhat complex queries.

Nice to Haves
• Experience of integrating to other software packages using APIs
• Building an Open API :blush:
• Worked a lot with ffmpeg? :heart_eyes:
• Have experience with WebRTC?
• Have experience with higher performing languages? c#, Go, elixir? Parts of the app are ripe for extraction.

Interested? Get in Touch!
Send your CV to lloyd.axten@energonpeople.com

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