Any opportunities for foreigners (I'm American) to work in web development in Poland?

Dzień dobry.

Przepraszam, nie mówię po polsku. Jeśli jest to niezgodne z zasadami, usunąć.

I’m an American trying to find work in Poland in web development. Does anyone know of any opportunities or have any advice? Is this possible / do foreigners ever work in Poland in tech? I have experience working in Ruby/Rails, PHP, C#/.NET, JavaEE. Frontend and backend.

My resume and more about me:


Hello. It’s completelly fine. You can browse the jobs section, there are a lots of oportunities listed in english. Most of the work we do is in english anyway, and I’m sure many companies would appreciate the native speaker that also can code.

Good luck on your search.

Why not to search for some remote job? It will fit ideally for you

I am applying for many remote jobs as well. But most remote jobs I have found are for senior/lead developers.

I am hardworking and experienced but not a senior developer yet. I graduated from university last year.

How about rubyjobs or rorjobs? Also on oDesk you can find a lot of quite nice jobs.

It should be easy. Have a Polish-speaking friend go with you through offers on this site and send out emails to make sure they’re open to working in English. My guess is they would be.

Check out Polish companies who do consulting / development for foreign clients. I do run one (AmberBit) and I can tell you that in such case you will not have any problem communicating. If you target jobs at companies who make specific products, it is more likely you’ll end up in Polish-speaking environment. And official language of land of kielbasa is not easy.

List from top of my head, there’s a bunch of us: (mine)

or just use search results:

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Given that you’re American and you’ll most likely end up working for US clients (through a local Polish intermediary), ask yourself if:

  • you really need to join a local team to do the remote work,
  • if you do it on your own, you can leverage your US origin (which is not just the language but also perfect understanding & feeling of the US culture). If you put yourself behind a non-US middle-man, you’re essentially losing that leverage.

I am hardworking and experienced but not a senior developer yet

That’s more than enough to deliver great work. I would try going direct first - just my 2 cents.

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