[avocado.live] CTO 17k-25k, remote / Łódź / Szczecin

Currently we are looking for CTO who is willing to join our new venture in the live commerce space. So if you want to be one of the first member in a start-up that grows 20% MoM - this is your unique chance!

We are looking for someone who:

  • has achiever mindset - you like to set up and achieve goals and see results of your work
  • is excited about our mission and shares our core values - partnership, transparency, trust and aspiration to think big
  • is entrepreneurial with a ‘hacker mindset’ and wants to make the rules, not follow existing ones
  • is familiar with the e-commerce space or knowledge-hungry
  • desires to build a new business from scratch together with an experienced and dynamic team
  • is both passionate and pragmatic with focus on value for customers and growth for the business

You will have to:

  • build the IT team, manage it and develop the skills of the employes,
  • intimately understand customers and understand other solutions available in the market
  • work hand in hand with customers and a passionate and energetic team focusing on different ingredients of the successful product like customer support, customer success representatives, business development, sales, and marketing
  • solve problems, think outside the box, and deliver both frontend and backend
  • dynamically adjust scope of work


  • Ruby on Rails, Ruby
  • Active Admin
  • Spree is a plus

avocado.live sp. z o.o.
ul. Mazowiecka 43/4
92-221 Łódź
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Michał Górski, kom. 662080700, email: michal@avocado.live