[CPS USA off shore job] EMR, Ruby on Rails, Senior Developer

Ta praca bylaby idealnie wypelniona przez kogos kto mowi po angielsky. Ja mowie po polsku jezeli trzeba tlumaczenie, ale angielski jest znacznie latwiejszy w technicznej terminologi.

There are two options: 1. Create EMR 2. Integrate existing EMR into Ruby on Rails application

  1. Create EMR
    We are looking to create software very similar to PatientNow.com for Ruby on Rails using the quickest and most cost effective techniques/software available. Please go to this site to use as an example. It includes:
  • Document management
  • Doctor notes
  • Electronic signature
  • Insurance Billing
  • Rx Now
  • Scheduling
  • Diagnostics
  • Charges
  • Invoicing (quote generation)
  • Email marketing
    Only developers who have been directly involved in creating similar software will be considered. It goes without saying that this/these individuals must be familiar with US Healthcare laws maintaining HIPPA compliance.
    This software will integrate with our health based social media to create a unique Doctor/User social interface.

Pay is dependent on experience and abilities. A developer who has done this before and and can rapidly recreate this EMR will be highly valuable and paid accordingly. More advanced financial opportunities are available for uniquely skilled developers.

Of particular interest would be a developer who has extensive experience with OpenEMR or a similar open source EMR application.

  1. Integrate OpenEMR with Ruby on Rails application. This person needs experience in EMR and is profficient in PHP, and Ruby on Rails and can efficiently integrate our Ruby on Rails application with OpenEMR.

Right. Good luck with that.

Actually, no. It doesn’t.

Agree with Świstak and sharnik, good luck with finding suitable candidate. That’s a bad shortcut, what I would advise you doing is finding good developers first and introducing them to domain knowledge and not the other way around. Integrating PHP projects with RoR is usualy also a bad idea, but I know few exceptions and never did anything win OpenEMR.

Thank you for your feedback.