Estimote Hiring Developers: Jr. Software Engineer & Other Positions

Jr. Software Engineer @ Estimote


About your job
We’re seeking a Junior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer to join our Platform team. You’ll be working on our dispatch and analytics systems to help us measure the growth of our platform. You’ll focus on making robust and consistent APIs as well as clean and intuitive data-rich dashboards.

Here are a few things you may expect to do over the course of a typical week
White-board an MVP of a new feature, code it, test it, and ship it to production

Take part in code reviews or pair-program with other team members to maintain the consistency and quality of our codebase
Help our skilled Community Management team triage user-reported bugs
Work on internal tools to make testing, deployment, reporting and monitoring easier

If you want to learn more, take a look at our blog posts explaining how we work and examples of what we build.

Skills & Requirements

  • Great problem-solving and coding skills
  • Good understanding of the latest web technology stack and best practices
  • Some web application development experience using Ruby on Rails
  • Ability to adapt quickly and learn new skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and a can-do attitude

Attitude we’re looking for
You’re thoughtful, and you ship. You’re a life-long learner and you have a curiosity about how things work and the willingness to dig for the real problem. Technology is a means and not the ends for you—we’re here to solve problems and change people’s lives and in that light, your rant about Haskell’s superiority seems irrelevant. You’re a great communicator and you find it easy to explain complex technical concepts to business, support, and other engineers. Others enjoy working with you due to your technical competence and positive, we-can-do-anything, attitude.

What we offer

  • Competitive base salary
  • Medical coverage
  • Beautiful office space
  • Fully stocked fridge
  • Flexible vacation policy

About Estimote
We strive to empower developers to create magical moments—at the right time, in the right place, for the right person. We start by asking “Will this make developers’ lives better?”

We encourage taking ownership and we value self-motivated doers who are curious, like to experiment, and have the courage to take intelligent, data-informed, risks (hey, the space is new and we don’t have all the answers yet). We have a long-term vision but we like to err on the side of shipping an incremental quantum of utility today. We believe that a small feature shipped to users today is better than an assumed great feature tomorrow (use tomorrow to gather feedback from users to improve yesterday’s work). We work hard but we believe that working 24/7/365 doesn’t improve your overall performance. We keep a balance.

We like to give, receive, and learn from feedback. We don’t get offended—we’re a team, not a family—we use feedback to improve our own craftsmanship and to strive for excellence. We expect everyone to be open, honest, to put forward solutions and lead by example rather than just complain. We’re still a small company, so we act like it—no politics, full transparency. We expect you to be humble and approachable—you’ll be surrounded by some of the most intelligent people you’ve ever worked with.

We’re still figuring some things out—things tend to evolve over time and sometimes change rapidly so we inspect, adapt and embrace ambiguity.