iRonin.IT Senior RoR Developer (22-30k zł)

iRonin, or IT Samurai, is an IT professional striving to continuously improve their craft and provide IT services at the highest level. This concept holds true in every department of our company, which has been on the market for over 10 years. It’s one of the first organizations to operate 100% remotely since its very foundation.

Today we have almost 60 people on board, working from many cities around the world. In Poland, we have permanent offices in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Rzeszow.

In 2021, we have grown by 67%, in 2022 by 75%, and counting the whole period since 2018, by as much as +266%!

Wer’ve worked on more than 30 long-term partnerships and hundreds of projects. It allowed us to acquire rich design and technology know-how in industries such as fin-tech, med-tech, hr-tech, real-estate.

We have worked for clients from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Barbados and Australia: just to name the few!

We work with a wide technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Go-lang, Haskell, Python, Node, Java and many others.

To ensure the highest quality of our services, we form teams with senior-level specialists. We take on only those projects that offer an opportunity for growth and are an interesting challenge that we can then proudly present in our portfolio.

Your challenges

  • Developing an advanced solution for automated buying decisions and marketing in the real estate industry.
  • Enable application users to create automated marketing campaigns, manage real estate inquiries and sales, and publish a large number of listings, all in a user-friendly format.

Your Profile

  • Min. 5 years of experience in Ruby on Rails, version 5.X or higher.
  • Knowledge of TDD/BDD.
  • Experience and knowledge of using design patterns.
  • Willingness to propose solutions to optimize application performance, but also communication or project organization.
  • Knowledge of javascript technologies and willingness to develop as a full-stack developer will be very welcome.
  • If you like to focus primarily on coding according to best practices, this offer is for you :slight_smile:

Technology stack

  • Ruby on Rails 6.1
  • React.js
  • Sidekiq
  • Heroku
  • GraphQL
  • ActionPolicy
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS

We offer

  • Flexible working hours. The most important thing for us is the success of the project and excellent communication, which translates into the satisfaction of all team members. If these assumptions are met, working hours don’t matter!
  • 100% remote work. We have been working remotely since the very inception of our organization 10 years ago. We know how to do it, and we’ll be happy to put you into this mode!
  • Option to work from the office. Do you have a need to leave home office a few times a month? Or do you prefer to work among people on a regular basis? We can easily provide you with this, as we manage to do in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Rzeszow.
  • Stable cooperation. We run only long-term projects. We have been mainly working with clients from the US and Europe for 10 years. Take a peek at our profile on clutch:
  • Paid leave. We offer a form of cooperation based on a B2B contract with guaranteed paid days off.
  • Benefits+. Standard benefits such as Multisport card, LuxMed medical package, group insurance and more!

Hope you are doing good.
Please reach out to me over my email : Vanessa (at) cisinlabs (dot) com, to discuss further regarding the requirement.

looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,
Vanessa J

Hello @HR_iRonin

I saw your entire post and would love to grab this opportunity.

Kindly reach out to me via Rishabh at plaxonic dot com

Best Regards