[JOBS] (Remote) Tech lead for bootstrapped SaaS (£36k/yr)


Hi all,

We (https://pomar.co.uk) are a bootstrapped, distributed company that builds products that help people in small businesses to do better work.

We’re currently a permanent small team of 2 - a designer and a business/product/many-hats person - and a few contractors. Our goal is to build a pleasant work environment and a sustainable business. We are not looking to raise external funding for at least the next couple of years.

Our focus right now is on Pixie (https://www.usepixie.com), a Basecamp-style SaaS for accountancy firms. We see a path to expand to other professional services down the line, like legal, etc. but currently this is the market segment we can understand better. Pixie’s just launched and off to a great start, feedback is positive and encouraging.

We’re looking to bring in someone to work together with us (not for us) and lead the software engineering side.

This is a paid position, up to £36,000 p.a., and depending on performance we may consider offering an equity stake. As part of the executive team, you’ll have shared control of our products and roadmaps, get a direct line to customers, and exposure to as many aspects of the business as you want. And as we grow, we hope to work together in building a small engineering team around you.

About you

Our stack is Rails 5 on the backend, and a few standard AWS infrastructure components to support SaaS: EC2, RDS (Postgres), Elasticache (Redis), etc. You need to have demonstrable experience with this. Pixie uses Vue.js on the frontend, and it’d be great if you either have some experience with it or really understand its concepts.

You feel comfortable with the idea of working on a distributed team.

This can be either a part-time role or a full-time role, salary to be agreed on. Ideally you have some interest in starting a tech business, but our main ask is for agreement towards our values: https://medium.com/pomarhq/pomars-guiding-principles-ca00356174ce.

If this is you, just send a short “Hi, let’s talk” to celso@pomar.co.uk.