[JOBS] Ruby - 20-22K PLN /Month in Warsaw + ELIXIR/PHOENIX - All-Star Open-Source Mega-Team!

Sveiki Warsaw,

Hope you’re doing great.

How would you like to earn up-to 16,000PLN /Month working with possibly the
first ALL-STAR Ruby-on-Rails MEGA team in Warsaw?

These guys have stumbled onto an incredible lucrative world-wide niche and are
EXPLODING after acquiring strong venture capital funding from Silicon Valley
& Shanghai (they have enough funding for at least 3 years).

They are the first to market in this niche and their strategy is to hire the
best developers to build the fastest and best possible product, ensuring that
future competition has no hope of ever catching up to their current market
dominance. Therefore, they are offering Berlin salaries in Warsaw!

Right now they already have amazing developers, but they have the funds and the
budget to hire even more amazing developers with the view of creating a
developer eutopia devoted to quality code and best coding practices and
encouraging reflective learning and skill sharing amongst the strongest and
most talented developers in the region.

The current tech stack is Ruby, Rails & React but best of all, they are
beginning to write new micro services in Elixir. Elixir is starting to grow
huge so this is your chance to claim to be one of the first commercial Elixir
developers to have started in 2016.

If this sort of thing would be of interest to you feel free to drop me an email on louis@infinitiumglobal.com


Sbohem, Louis.

Hey there, the Salary has now been increased to 20-22K PLN