[Kantox/Barcelona] RoR Developer

About us
We are a startup based in Barcelona that is striving to create an alternative for Banks and brokers in the field of FX services.
We are building a foreign exchange electronic marketplace where importers and exporters are able to buy or sell foreign currencies amongst themselves.
Kantox has been founded by Philippe Gelis, Antoni Rami and John Carbajal.

Kantox, SL Calle Llacuna 162-164 08018 Barcelona Spain Tel +34 93 567 98 34
We are growing fast and are seeking coding monsters for our Barcelona office who are versed in the following:

About You
You are a coding monster
You walk, you talk, you breathe Ruby.
You believe Ruby is to programming as Unix is to operating systems.
You spend your off hours seeing what’s new and studying how the Ruby masters do it.
You are opinionated
The unknown and the opportunity it presents motivate you.
You understand how to approach problem solving with both elegance and pragmatism understanding when it is time to take a step back and refactor and when it makes more sense to move on to other issues.
You understand the importance of repeatability, testing and metrics.
You like to start your coding by first writing the spec.
You are comfortable diving in to others code.
You understand that your code will only be as good as your understanding of our business and our clients’ needs.
You see yourself as a Ruby master in the near future.

Ruby/Rails (2+ years)
+1 if you’ve evolved from a mono-rail to SOA Rails
+1 if you have been the lead on a large project
Rspec + Capybara
Front end stack (html(5)/js/css)
+1 for websockets
+1 for websockets with Nginx
Multi-threaded ruby
EM, Goliath and/or Celluloid

We value highly solid experience in any of the following:
Development of multithreaded low latency systems for real time decision making
Design for failure architectures
Distributed transaction processing solutions
Experience building/supporting one of the following: on line trading platforms, electronic marketplaces, on line gaming, on line betting
Experience with clusters running Redis, MySQL and NoSQL solutions

What we offer
Kantox offers an exceptional work place with a better than competitive compensation package. Kantox offers share participation for top performers.
Kantox offers a chance to develop your skill sets by helping build/support/evolve a start of the art electronic foreign exchange market place.
Kantox offers the chance to achieve glory. Few startups will reach the heights we’ll reach. (I’m thinking Google, Apple, etc).

24.000 euros to 40.000 euros depending on experience. Our compensation package also involves a stock offering for top performers.
Kantox pays competitive salaries that allow you a comfortable lifestyle in Barcelona. The stock offering provides you with the possibility of adding significantly to your net worth.

Send your CV to john {at} kantox dot com.