KRUG - Meetup #1/2015 - Meteor.js & Shores of the inFORMation Technology [20.01.2015, Krakow]

Zapraszamy na kolejny KRUG już 20 stycznia (wtorek) w Pauza in Garden w Krakowie.

Tym razem skupimy się na tematach nie związanych bezpośrednio z Ruby: Meteor.js & Shores of the inFORMation Technology.

19:00 - MeteorJS - the new chapter of applications building - Szymon Paluch
I want to show how easily we can build reactive applications, with using Meteor framework.

19:45 - Mind Opener: On the Shores of the inFORMation Technology - Mikołaj Pastuszko
Information Technology, as the queen of science, flourishes today as never before. We discover its most delicious fruits while wandering near its borders, where it interacts with other areas of knowledge. I’m going to visit some of these places together with you during the presentation. We will walk through the lands of art, psychology, visual communication, linguistics, and more. Let the form show its beautiful variations.

20:30 - Q&A session and networking