[Localistico] Full-Stack Engineer - Ruby and React (5+ years exp)

About the role

This is a full-time position.

We are looking for a Full-Stack engineer (Ruby and React)

You’ll report to our Director of Engineering and work within our Engineering team of 11 people.

We’ll expect you to:

  • design, build, and test robust APIs and backend logic for our frontend apps (Ruby on Rails 6 and PostgreSQL).
  • contribute to user-facing and internal web features (Ember, React)
  • take part in code reviews (GitHub)
  • ship, monitor, and maintain backend features (Prometheus, Sentry, GC).
  • take the lead on new backend or full-stack features as required.
  • contribute to planning and designing all new features.
  • support our Product team to diagnose issues.


We work entirely remotely from anywhere in the EU or the UK**.**

We have legal entities in both Spain and the UK. So, most of our team works remotely from there.

We expect you to join us in person for a few days every 6 months to socialise and plan as a team.

We do not consider candidates outside the EU or the UK.


Depending on experience and location,

  • We are looking for a Senior candidate.
  • Based on our Career Framework, this is a gross salary of €62,100 per year.
  • We are flexible with it; more junior or senior candidates can also be a match. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Participation in our share options pool.

We offer different options depending on where you are based and the type of contract. But you can expect something around 36 working days, including Bank Holidays.

Your experience

Required experience and knowledge:

  • 5+ years as a software engineer, including 3+ years with Ruby on Rails.
  • a strong understanding of relational databases, PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • Ember or React and HTML/CSS layout.
  • used Kanban-style workflows, Git, code reviews, and continuous integration.
  • worked remotely and/or with a distributed team.
  • worked in a startup.

While these are not requirements, we’ll be excited if you’ve also worked with:

  • Non-SQL databases (e.g. Redis, ElasticSearch)
  • B2B SaaS product.
  • Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Python.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Have a strong product approach: you care about what’s best for our users.
  • Are pragmatic and creative: you can find viable ways to build what is needed. You balance clear code with delivery speed and favour shipping quickly over perfection.
  • Work well in a team. You can pitch your ideas, sometimes disagree and commit, and are equally happy to deliver on your own or pair up on a problem.
  • Thrive in a lean environment. You’re keen to prioritise, compromise, ship quickly, measure and iterate.
  • You favour measured product decisions but don’t shy away from intuition and opinions.
  • You are comfortable picking up new skills and learning new tools when needed.

About us

Localistico is a UK-based company that aims to help businesses make the most of local and online-to-offline marketing.

We have developed a solution to help digital marketers get more customers to physical locations. We help improve local online positioning and reputation, driving more customers to your locations and traffic to your sites. It’s essentially SEO, Analytics and Ads, but for maps.

Since then, we’ve been continually growing revenues month-on-month and are proud to have brands such as O2/Telefonica, Starbucks, NH Hotels, Morrisons or Repsol as clients.

Now is a fantastic time to join the team.

Apply here: Full-Stack Engineer - Ruby and React at Localistico • Europe • Spain • United Kingdom • Remote (Work from Home) | Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)