[Łódź] Senior RoR / Full Stack Developer (up to 16k PLN)

Gabi is a new startup based in San Francisco. We are looking for Senior Application Engineers to help us build an awesome new product/service for consumer insurance market in the US.

We build our app using a flexible stack of frontend and backend technologies including Rails, Node.JS, React, MySQL, Redis and Linux. Expertise in these areas is a huge plus, but working experience with other proven web technologies (such as Python or PHP) and other relational and NoSQL databases is a fine alternative.

We embrace lean startup, continuous integration and agile development concepts.

We are looking for people who understand the need to build lightweight, loosely coupled microservices supporting well defined objectives. We are open to choosing the best new and exciting tools to get the job done and having fun at the same time.

We are an open, diverse and collaborative team working across Silicon Valley, Germany, Slovenia and Poland.

The position is based in Lodz, Poland, with a healthy dose of remote work.

Kinds of things you would do during a typical week if you were to join Gabi:

  • Build a new backend/frontend feature, unit test it, deploy to staging and release to production,
  • Collaborate with other team members to design, review or comment on a technical proposal,
  • Propose a new architectural concept and solve a particular technical or functional challenge,
  • Fix a bug and deliver a hotfix update to production,
  • Whiteboard a new control flow and design required components and technical features,
  • Design an API call supporting a new integration requirement,
  • Provide support to operations staff in troubleshooting production issues,
  • Contribute to our ever-growing internal tools used to manage the customer workflow.

What we consider critical for this position:

  • enthusiastic and open-minded approach to building new features and fixing things when they break,
  • excellent English communication skills allowing you to explain, discuss and describe complex technical concepts both to technical and non-technical team members across different locations,
  • 5+ years of experience building full-stack web apps professionally, 2+ in RoR (for which you can provide references),
  • thorough understanding of fundamental technologies of the web (HTTP, API design),
  • experience with functional or imperative languages such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java or Go - with and without web frameworks,
  • self-guidance when solving technical difficulties and building new features,
  • ability to lead architecture discussions and help make technical decisions,
  • a strong habit of writing clear, testable and maintainable code,
  • working knowledge of web security concepts and ways of preventing security problems,
  • strong CS fundamentals including data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems and integration patterns.

Our offer includes

  • inspiring startup culture with focus on delivering awesome features for our customers,
  • flexible working hours and locations,
  • competitive salary and typical benefits,
  • option to travel and work with the team in San Francisco every couple of months.

Gabi is a personal app/service with a mission to help you optimize your insurance portfolio. Gabi launched in 2016 and is founded by recognized investors including SV Angel (Pinterest, Medium), A Capital (Airbnb) and Hitfox. We are an international team of people with proven track record in building startups, awesome web applications and services.

If you are interested, please shoot an e-mail to pawel@gabi.com.