Long term developer(s) wanted for clinical services projects


Sorry for posting in English but my written Polish is okropny!

We’re a UK medical communications company and we’re looking for a long term partner(s) to work with us. Our application for this project uses Ruby mainly via Netzke (RoR+Ext JS) on top of Alfresco.

I’ll be in Warszawa next Tuesday & Wednesday which is a good opportunity if anyone wants to meet up personally and learn more about us. It’s always nice to see people, but I don’t mind where you are in the country if you are not near Warszawa next week. Our rates will be very competitive and depend on your level of skill.

I’m posting here because I have a long association with Poland and I lived in Warszawa for many years in the 90s; I still visit quite often. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested.