[LunarLogic.io | Kraków] Ruby/iOS/Android Developer - Internship

Any aspiring software developers here? We are looking for interns to join Lunar Logic.


  • 6 months
  • in Krakow (currently remotely)
  • full-time or part-time
  • Ruby or Android or iOS

What we offer:

  • Salary - 3k netto (for full-time)
  • Support on your learning path
  • A lot of fun

What we expect:

  • Decent programming skills
  • Passion for learning
  • Empathy and interpersonal skills

Apply at https://internships.lunarlogic.io/ until March 9th.

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Deadline przesunięty i można się zgłaszać do niedzieli, 14.03 :smiley: Mamy mało zgłoszeń na Ruby, więc naprawdę warto spróbować. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had applied for an internship in Ruby/Ruby on Rails but I wonder whether that’s possible if I am currently located in Warsaw.

Until the end of pandemic we are remote-only, after that you’d have to relocate to Krakow.

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Hello Basia,
In my current job, I have three-month notice period. Is there any point in applying in this situation?

Best regards,

Yes. We don’t have any official start date, we will wait a for a right person. (BTW, the internships form is down right now due to OVH fire, we hope to will restore it soon)

Still not working. Perhaps deadline will be extend untill page recovery, or can I send a PM to you with CV and my online resume?

You can apply here https://lunarlogic-internships.herokuapp.com/.

Sorry for the inconvenience.