Polish Ruby User Group Warsaw Meetup 20th of April

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:calendar: April 20th, 2023 at 18:00
:round_pushpin: Visuality office (Odolańska 56)

:heavy_check_mark: Paweł Strzałkowski -“Data consistency in legacy applications with aggregate pattern”
:heavy_check_mark: Adrian Marin - “Build Rails apps 10x faster”


If you have a topic proposal that you would like to raise at the meetup, presentations or lighting talk - Contact us and become the third speaker!

After the meetup, we traditionally invite you for networking and something special the next day :star_struck:

Are you ready to take your app-building skills to the next level?
Join us for a 2-3 hour workshop with Adrian Marin, the creator of Avo, and learn how to unlock the full potential of the Avo gem and help you ship apps faster within your company.
Is it really ten times faster to build an app with it? We’ll move quickly with basic features, go to more advanced customizations and then see how easy it is to break out of the CRUD using regular Rails code you’re used to write. Adrian will be there to answer all your questions.
By the end, we’ll even create a working application ready to be deployed to your end-users.

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