Praca dla RUBY DEVELOPER w Łodzi

Dla naszego klienta holenderskiej firmy TTY Internet Solutions ( poszukujemy dewelopera RUBY do tworzonego oddziału w Polsce (Łódź). Informacje dotyczące stanowiska i wymagań poniżej w języku angielskim:

For our office in Poland (Lodz) we are looking for an experienced RUBY DEVELOPER with team-leading capabilities.


5 years active (web-)developer (+ hands-on RUBY experience).

Company Profile:
TTY is a Dutch company active in both the open source community (Perl, RUBY, MySQL) and J2EE (Java, Oracle, Websphere) building dynamic high traffic websites and application backends. Among our customers are Credit Card companies, Auction sites, Real Estate sites and companies in the Music Industry

TTY is an open structure (flat organization, hands on management) working in small responsible teams (4 – 5 people).
Buzzwords: knowledge sharing, peer-review, Agile development, RDF, digital publics.

Function description:
You will work in a 5 developer team, containing both medior and senior developers. Your main task is software development (RUBY) and reviewing code constructed by your team.

Secondly you will do intakes and translate functional requirements into a technical solution.

You are able to do this while maintaining the architecture, development procedures and guidelines (unittests, version control, comments, documentation etc etc).

Specific (RUBY) requirements (please outline / specify projects in CV):
Knowledge of RUBY / RUBY ON RAILS. Writing elegant mod_ruby handlers.
Able to juggle with higher order functions, weak references and duck typing.
Familiarity with apache, apache config and many server setup.
http protocol with all the details about Etags, keep-alive connections
and security implications.

Zainteresowane osoby proszę o przesłanie swoich CV pod adres: