[Ragnarson] Frontend Developer [Łódź/remote, 6-10k PLN B2B]

Ragnarson is a team of more than 20 quality-oriented professionals, mostly Ruby and JavaScript developers. We specialize in building web applications and automated infrastructures. Our customers are mainly western startups, who we help with the technical side of their businesses, top to bottom.

All our board members are former developers and system administrators. We actively support the Ruby community by hosting ŁRUG and TRUG, sponsoring wroc_love.rb, coaching RailsGirls, etc. Our core values consist of self-development, openness and transparency, commitment, and reliability. In 2016 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

You are more than welcome to read our blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


As a Frontend Developer you will enhance the apps we build with modern, useable, and dynamic UIs.
You will build both SPAs consuming JSON APIs and extend existing Rails apps with a sprinkle of React or Vue.js.

You will work closely with other backend-focused developers to deliver complete apps that are a joy to use.


We are looking for skilful and ambitious Frontend Developers, who:

  • Have production experience with a modern framework/library (Ember.js or AngularJS 2 prefered)
  • Are willing to learn new tools when they’re a good match for the problem at hand
  • Are familiar with ES6/ES7/ES.Next
  • Know CSS/SASS well enough to effortlessly translate designs into working HTML pages
  • Use Git in daily workflow
  • Write unit and integration tests to ensure good code quality
  • Speak both Polish and English fluently
  • Are willing to share their knowledge with others
  • Can clearly express their needs and opinions
  • Freely manage their own time
  • Embrace remote work
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Take ownership over the project

We’d be extremely happy to discover that you:

  • Explored back-end technologies (Ruby on Rails, Phyton)
  • Worked with JSONAPI compliant APIs
  • Have passion for UI/UX design
  • Care for Responsive Web Design
  • Have commercial experience in a startup environment
  • Have T-shaped skills
  • Feel capable of leading a project
  • Contributed to open-source
  • Can work in our main office in Łódź, but remote work is also a possibility


  • 40 - 60 PLN + VAT per hour on a B2B contract (approximately 6-10k + VAT per month)
  • Regular salary adjustments based on professional growth, skill set and seniority
  • Compensation for transition to higher ZUS min. contribution

If you feel that you fit to Ragnarson and wish to join us, apply now!

Ragnarson sp. z o.o.
Targowa 35, 90-043 Łódź

NIP: 7272768902
REGON: 100960955
KRS: 0000365781

Proszę o przypięcie :slight_smile: