[Remote] CEO / General Manager for our OSBeehives Poland


OSBeehives(http://www.osbeehives.com/) is an American, early-stage startup on a mission to technify the beekeeping industry by building a global network of beekeepers and identifying causes and solutions for colony health deterioration. This mission is founded on the principles of citizen science, open data, and collaboration between beekeepers.

Our flagship product, the BuzzBox Mini, leverages cutting-edge AI technology to detect hive health conditions in real-time, which allows beekeepers to respond to colony problems as soon as they arise. We have over 3,000 hives in our network across more than 30 countries, and our work has been featured by the BBC, the Guardian, WIRED, Popular Science, and many others. You will be positioned on the frontlines of an issue that is impacting people throughout the world, as honey bees pollinate ⅓ of our crops yet face loss rates of over 40% a year.

We are looking for a CEO / General Manager for our OSBeehives Poland subsidiary. The ideal candidate is a motivated manager with experience creating technology companies wanting to take part in a new and exciting project with a meaningful mission.

You will work remotely with our teams in Poland and the US, conducting management and administrative tasks to ensure our Polish company runs smoothly. You will also report periodically on the business and development progress to our stakeholders, and work with them to find funding opportunities, boost sales, and engage in partnerships. Finally, you will help our Engineering Managers to ensure our R&D goals are met as planned. Our R&D team works designing our Software and Hardware products in an agile environment, which is marketed and distributed through online channels (website, App Store, Google Play).

contact: hello@osbeehives.com


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