[Remote] Fullstack Developer. 10-16K PLN. (Angielski nie wymagany)

NYC based company looking for one or two senior fullstack developers. You’ll be working with the project lead to implement features, write integrations, fix bugs, test and refactor code. We are looking for a senior dev to jump straight into the project and help us grow out. This is a long term position. We have work for at least 2 years.

Our Stack:
Ruby 2.1, Ruby on Rails 4.1
Javascript, Backbone, Angular, jQuery, underscore
PostgreSQL, Redis
Rspec, Capybara, Jasmin, Selenium
OSX, Heroku, Amazon S3, Stripe payment processing, Sidekiq, ActiveAdmin, etc

If you are interested please send your resume and a code sample, lib, or something you’ve worked on that you think is cool. Also, please provide a time at which I can skype you. I’m free to talk 10am - 6pm EST Monday to Friday and 9AM - 1PM EST Saturday - Sunday.

Contact: Marcin@petstablished.com