[Remote, Krakow, Warszawa] Full Stack Ruby Developers (mid and senior levels) [ 11-20k PLN ]


Global App Testing

Very well funded start up within crowdsourced app testing industry.
We have thousands of testers around the world who in an instant can QA/test any OS/Device.



We’re looking for backend ruby developers who are proactive and are willing to learn new ways of looking at the code and it’s design.

Your primary focus will be on all things backend and a bit of frontend. Most of the time you will be working within one of the small teams which are focused on a specific feature or a pipeline.

Our teams are structured in a way that there’s always a single person that makes final decisions so you won’t have to deal with a flat management structure problems


  • negotiable salary, but within 11000 - 20000 PLN net a month on a VAT invoice (B2B), depending on your experience.
  • permanent contract with a 6 months trial period
  • career progression within the development team up to a Lead Developer in Poland


  • paid holidays because this is B2B initially
  • paid sick leave

Take the above list into account when thinking about your monthly rate.


  • remotely at first and later on we might set up an office depending on who we hire and where, but you can continue working remotely if you wish


  • communicating on a daily basis with a Lead Developer in UK via chat or hangouts
  • designing and implementing major new features for internal and external users (for e.g. Customers, Testers, Operations Team)
  • building modular code which has a clear separation of responsibility
  • optimization of applications for maximum speed and scalability if needed
  • integration of user-facing elements developed by a front-end developers with server side logic
  • if you’re interested in a bit of devops you could help out with managing multiple hosting environments on AWS and scaling an application to support load changes


Please keep in mind that you don’t need to tick all the boxes here, because we will need to teach you some of those things either way.

  • good knowledge of Ruby
  • good understanding of TDD and it’s benefits to be able to code with and without it while keeping the code quality high (you need appropriate mindset when coding)
  • basic / entry level understanding of few of the SOLID principles
  • good understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • good understanding of git code versioning tool


  • min 3 years experience in backend development
  • have built highly scalable and robust systems in the past
  • designing and implementing complex applications (code complexity and data model complexity)
  • integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • data migration, transformation, and scripting
  • outputting data in different formats
  • creating database schemas that represent and support business processes


  • any experience with building Docker based server architecture (starting with a dev machine and ending in scalable production)
  • any experience with building NodeJS apps (both frontend and server apps)
  • any experience in latest ReactJS, ES5, ES6, Redux
  • very good understanding of how to apply SOLID principles in practice so you can help with training the team
  • very good knowledge of automated testing and specs maintenance problems so you can provide suggestions to the sales or management team from time to time if they have any questions


Our dedication to helping you become successful. We are huge on personal development and will dedicate time helping make sure you achieve your personal and professional goals and bucket lists.
Responsibility and a real say in the future of the company. You’ll have a role that will be vital to the company’s success and every idea you come up with will always be considered.



Full time only?

@Hitsu tak, tylko full time

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