[Remote / Skwire] Full stack Python / Ruby developer [14-20k PLN B2B ]


A challenging, data science-driven startup (https://angel.co/company/skwire) is scaling and looking for Remote Full Stack Software Developers (with Python and/or Ruby experience):

The position:

  • 100% remote

  • full-time business-to-business contract (3 month trial period, then permanent)

  • mid/senior to senior-level responsibilities (some: requirements gathering, code reviews, project management)

  • requires a fully independent, dependable full stack soldier

  • the back end: Django

  • the front end: React + Redux

  • the glue: Docker-based server architecture (previous experience not required)

What we don’t offer (take into account when thinking about your rate):

  • paid holidays (B2B contract)

  • paid sick leave

  • Visa sponsorship

How to get hired (needs to be followed exactly):

  • live in a European timezone & speak fluent English

  • apply individually (no outsourcing / recruitment agencies)

  • send a copy of your CV to anna@skwire.co.uk, including:

  • a Django project for code review (or indicate you’d prefer a coding challenge)

  • a ReactJS + Redux project for code review (or indicate as above)

  • once the code has been approved: talk to a senior dev and the CTO (can be arranged back-to-back), mostly as a communication skills assessment


  • 3+ years of full stack web development experience using Django and/or Rails (building scalable and robust systems)

  • keen to work in a startup environment (building a business from scratch - helping shape its processes, suggesting potentially game-changing technologies)


I can surely help you with the same. It would be great if you can ping me on my skype: live:austin_3383 to discuss further or you can drop me an email on austin@cisinlabs.com with all the details so that I will share the estimate along with timeframe and quote.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.



Dziękuję administracji za zezwolenie na to ogłoszenie :white_flower: Średnia jakość kodu jest bezapelacyjnie wyższa wśród RoR-owców :woman_shrugging:

Full stack z doświadczeniem RoR / React, chcący bliżej się zapoznać z Data Science za pośrednictwem Python/Django, to chyba rzadkie zjawisko w przyrodzie :thinking:


Widełki up - obowiązują te wyższe, 14-20k B2B.


Załatwione, dziękuję wszystkim :slightly_smiling_face: / Sorted, thank you all :slightly_smiling_face: