[remote/Zencargo] Senior Ruby on Rails Developer B2B 40-45€/h

Serdecznie polecam! :slight_smile:

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with in-depth knowledge of Ruby on Rails used in live systems. As we move from a monolithic Ruby on Rails platform to a Microservices architecture built using Kotlin/Springboot we are looking for ruby specialists to focus on the existing architecture.

You will be part of a growing engineering group, split into small cross-functional customer value teams. We are looking for collaborative and naturally inquisitive problem solvers who thrive on autonomy and want to help shape the way we work, grow and learn together.

You should enjoy tackling difficult engineering challenges and working on cutting-edge stacks and technologies. You will be joining a company that fully believes in diversity of thought and creating solutions that deliver value to our customers through gathering feedback and placing users at the heart of everything we do.

Key Responsibilities

  • Help support, coach, mentor and develop your team members
  • Drive continuous improvements and adoption of best practices and technologies
  • Build meaningful relationships with your team and the entire business
  • Work closely with our growing product org to drive incredible user experiences
  • Serve as an engineering knowledge source for the rest of the software org
  • Participate in planning and help make our products better
  • Enjoy learning and improving and pairing with other engineers

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of Ruby on Rails used in live systems
  • Worked extensively in Ruby in production
  • Deep understanding and appreciation of Test-Driven Development (RSpec)
  • Familiarity with Gitflow or Trunk based development
  • Rails Event Store & Event Sourcing would be nice to have

About Zencargo

Zencargo is a digital first freight forwarder & logistics provider. Our platform allows customers to book, manage and keep track of their international freight as well as use analytics to drive intelligent supply chain decisions that help their businesses thrive.

Whilst shipping is a complex trillion dollar industry, you might be surprised to know that many of the processes that could be simplified with technology are currently done over the phone, by fax and email or even jotted down on scraps of paper

Our services include ocean, air and rail freight as well as trucking and cargo insurance. We deliver significant time, paper and financial savings to our customers offering instant quoting, easy booking and an online dashboard to give them 360 degree, 24/7 visibility on their shipments. Shippers and their counterparts collaborate to manage their logistics on Zencargo and all their supply chain data is stored together in the cloud making business analytics easier than ever.

At Zencargo, we believe that technology can simplify logistical complexity and tear down barriers to trade. Automating trade and logistics operations and providing access to data and analysis will help companies to trade smarter and more efficiently, freeing businesses to concentrate on key decisions. Only by combining human endeavour and technology, can we build smarter supply chains that know no borders.