Ruby on Rails Developer - Remote


We are looking for talented Ruby Developers. 100% Remote, TDD, Pair programming. You will work with Stanford and CMU graduates on very exciting projects. Full time and part time. Ahh, we also pay very well. Please, fill out the form below if interested.


And you are?…

We do not have a name yet :slight_smile: My name is Albert and I work with Andrew and Jake. We are based in NYC.

Obraza majestatu polskiej sceny. Wnoszę o kasację.

So basically we know nothing about you. No salary, no name, no job description except “Ruby”.

@agreen - Please provide name of your company, address and telephone number. Some description of the project would also be useful. At the moment we only know you’d like to collect our personal details on a web form.

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You missed 2 other keywords: Stanford and CMU :wink:

Stanford - the name makes me want to put my personal details into a web form instantly, no questions asked.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will post more details and contact info.