Ruby-on-Rails Developer Senior & Junior [Wrocław] Infopark AG


Your New Mission
You have a passion for developing software. No matter if you have the talent and still on the way to become a development guru or if you already are a professional and want to achieve the next level: In this job, you will work together with a world class team of developers who share your passion for software development in general and Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development in particular. We are looking for Ruby on Rails/JS developers working on projects as well as contributing to our own established SaaS offerings. The projects usually have a one to six month timeline while the work on our products is ongoing. Many of our products and projects develop and work with bleeding edge technologies and go where no programmer has gone before.

Your Responsibilities
You design, code, launch and maintain Ruby on Rails applications
You learn from your team as well as keep yourself up to date in software technologies
You create web applications for companies and organisations worldwide
You help our clients to improve their web sites and -applications, their digital communication and to digitalize their organisations in order to adapt to today’s fast-paced digital world
You work within an agile team

Your Experience
Building, maintaining and optimizing web applications
Advanced knowledge of Ruby on Rails
Proficiency in JavaScript (especially React.js and ES6) is a plus
Designing and working with APIs for web services
Deploying web applications on cloud services (especially AWS) and using their service oriented offerings
Developing scalable web services in distributed computing architectures
Working knowledge of search technologies (such as ElasticSearch), databases (SQL and NoSQL) and web development (HTML5/CSS3) with modern frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, …)
Experience with content management systems and/or e-commerce solutions is a plus
Building software as part of a distributed test-driven agile DevOps team, including code reviews, feature branching, continuous integration, etc.
English language skills are at minimum intermediate level, both written and spoken, preferable better
We care about talent, skills, and continuous self improvement and not how you’ve acquired these qualities – university, code school or self-thought.

The Team
The size of each team varies from 2 to 10 developers. This keeps you away from dull routine and just being a cog in the machine. We work agile only. As a member of such a team, you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to various ongoing and new projects. You can also switch between teams, if you like.

A Cool and Productive Workplace
We like what you like, because we assume that you know best, what is your most productive working environment. Therefore we decided to establish a flexible remote working environment. We use tools such as Slack, Github, Hangouts or Trello to work from whatever place you are located. Besides working from home or from the cafe around the corner, our offices offer different workplace styles like a cafe, hack-bars, co-working areas, silent areas, meeting rooms, single offices, project rooms, telephone booths as well as relax areas with sofas and couches. All of them have in common that they are well equipped with the newest tech and have ergonomically awarded furniture. Each teammate is provided with an Apple MacBook Pro and an iPhone.

A Nice and Friendly Company
Infopark is a software development house established in one of Europe’s most important tech-hubs, Berlin, but we work all over the western hemisphere and are currently launching a branch in Wrocław. Founded in 1994 by two students, Infopark has kept its start-up vibes while growing to a solid and proven corporation. Our mission is to make the world a better place by developing and providing software to our customers. We are committed to innovation.
Therefore, we develop and support cloud based software (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) for our customers, coming from many different industries. With our work, we are merging business with technology. Our software is used by thousands of customers on a daily basis. Our team currently includes 70+ motivated specialists.
We are not a chaotic startup with long hours of overtime, but rather prefer a professional environment with teamwork and responsibilities. Also, we are not a development shop of some monster company off-shore. We are not driven by commands and structures, we prefer common sense, humor and respect for each other. You can contact all employees directly, including the founders, and extensive communication between employees is encouraged. Our external and internal communication is in English.
We believe in a friendly, collaborative and educational working environment, but strive always for excellence.

Your Benefits
If you’re talented, we believe there’s no benefit in this world that they help you to get over a dull job or terrible superiors. Therefore, our major effort is to create an exciting environment, interesting projects and great software.
But of course, if you’re prepared to contribute to our success you will be rewarded and will participate on the results our work delivers.

We offer:

  • highly competitive pay
  • regular contract with social security plans and flexible vacation
  • no time tracking
  • no fixed office hours
  • no fixed workplace but fancy offices
  • free language classes in english and german
  • generous holiday schedule
  • an unlimited number of table tennis & foosball matches
  • weekly lunches and breakfasts
  • a kitchen for cooking
  • free books
  • free supply of fruit and drinks as well as a great coffee machine (and tea!)
  • regular company social events
  • free choice of working location: home or our offices in Berlin and Wrocław
  • for students we offer all flexibility to get your stuff done at the university as well
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • We offer you lots of fun-filled workdays, an interesting position, and plenty of challenges at a solid company, making sure you never feel bored.

Multisport Card and Private Insurance can be negotiated.
We want YOU to join our team! Just click the link below and apply now!:sunglasses: