Ruby On Rails Developer - Wrocław


RST-IT is a team of 100 professionalists consist-
ing of experienced senior developers, usability
enthusiasts, scrum masters and product owners.
We all agree on idea that passion brings quality,
and quality brings professionalism.
Our teams developed numerous projects, web
services and mobile apps that made a big impact
on people’s lives all around the world. Are you
willing to learn and improve your sorroundings?
We are the guys you want to work with! :slight_smile:


SALARY: 4000zł - 7000zł

• open source internal projects
• startup projects for domestic and international
• AGILE based project workflow
• flextime work schedule
• Apple Mac to work with
• OK System Sport Card
• private health insurance (ENEL-MED)


• Experience with GIT
• Designing system architectures
• Good debugging and problem solving skills
• Approve TDD and Agile Methodologies
• SQL and noSQL(Redis) will be great addition

Programming Languages
• JavaScript (CoffeeScript)
• Ruby

Backend frameworks and libraries
• Ruby on Rails
• Rspec with capybara
• Creating RESTful JSON APIs
• Capistrano deployment
• Full text search with Elasticsearch

You will be…

  1. Programming WEB apps
  2. Designing apps architecture
  3. Developing our open source libraries

So you think you don’t fit?

DOESN’T MATTER! We are willing to learn and we are willing to learn with YOU! If you lack any of above
requirements or skills contact us anyway. We’ll make sure you’ll find a way to improve your weaknesses. We’ll teach you how to become a real player. You’ll not regret it. Try it out :slight_smile: