Ruby on Rails Specialist Eagerly Needed ! - Company: Pulsate/ Ireland. Work from our Kraków office. + 2K Sign-up Bonus

Afternoon Ruby Developers,

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and Monday hasn’t been to hard on you.

I am writing in relation to a new job opening at one of our companies : Pulsate.

Work from one of our offices in Kraków - ul. Krupnicza 3/8 / 31-123

Facebook of the office :

CEO : Patrick Leddy

Patrick’s Linkedin:

Patrick about Pulsate :

CTO: Kevin Greene

Kevin’s Linkedin:

Web :

Have a look at the team :

I am currently moving heaven and earth in order to find a perfect fit for Pulsate project.

Some info about the job :


Job Description


  • You will work as part of a dynamic development team in a rapidly
    growing tech startup.
  • You will work closely with the product design and UX team to ensure
    the client side components function correctly.
  • You will design and implement new application features.
  • You will maintain the existing code and features - identifying
    critical bugs and vulnerabilities and making bug fixes.




  • Required Minimum of 3 Years Ruby on Rails Development
  • Experience with Redis or PostgreSQL or MongoDB. Java / C / C++ /
    Python development experience valued.
  • Experience developing web services for mobile and client-side web
  • 3+ Years JavaScript/Node.js Development
  • You will have a sound knowledge in cross browser design and
    development with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Degree in Computer Science/Computing is highly desirable.


We offer:

• Contracts of Labor : ( Work from Monday till Friday from 9:00 am/5:00 pm or 10:00 am till 6:00 pm/ 40 minutes of the Lunch Break/ 20 minutes of being late in the morning )

Money :smile: for this project we have the salary realm from 4500 - 5500 PLN NET

• Continued Learning — We’ll pay for team members to attend conferences and get coaching to continue learning their craft
• Agile Process — our product development is hugely collaborative and includes working directly with our stakeholders on delivering business value, pair programming and daily stand-ups.
• Health Insurance and Vision — Exceptional Health Benefits at Scan Med
• Food & Drink — Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Pizza, Sushi , Pasta, Burgers, Fish and Chips -> Fridays
• Awesome atmosphere at work ( Darts/ Billards/ Boarding Games/ Mini Golf/ Barbecue Tarrace
** Keep it healthy : fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, smoothies.

If the above job offer sounds interesting … do not hesitate to contact me for more info and all the necessary updates.

Patrick is paying us a visit on this Thursday/ Friday 07.08/ 08.08 and we’re throwing a beer get together in Kazimierz so if you’re fancy going and meeting Pat please let me know and I will hook you up.

My contact details -

Skype : webspirit007

Phone: 882 978 992

Linkedin :

Cheers !

Yours trully fan ,

Anna Marie :wink: