Senior Elixir Backend Developer (Remote)

talentbay is a German online networking platform connects students with teams in business and industry. It consists of our mobile app for students and doctoral candidates and our web app for team leaders and subject matter experts in organisations and of course the ability to match both sides perfectly and keep them engaged with another.

We are a start-up from Munich with an experienced management team of serial-founders and corporate talent and seed-funding for the next 2 years.

We’re looking for an experienced Elixir BE-Dev to join our remote dev team in Poland

As key team member owning the backend, you will be working with a small but growing international team of front-end software engineers, UX designers, data scientists and business experts with decades of experience in their respective fields. Most of the team is located in Poland but working remotely.
You are responsible for the backend development of new and existing features for our talentbay platform with integrated testing and monitoring. If you are interested, you can also take on some DevOps responsibilities.

Our Environment:

With a DevOps-first mindset, all code we create is pushed automatically to staging and live environments after review. Hosted within a Kubernetes environment on Azure, our main application is written in Elixir (with Phoenix as a web framework), with a GraphQL API being accessed by both a cross-platform Mobile App written in React Native as well as a Web Application written in React. On top of that, we use Python for everything Data-Science related. The performance and status of our systems are monitored with Grafana, with Prometheus and Loki as data providers.

Processually, we are working with an agile, Kanban-based approach. Team-wide coordination and communication happens via Slack with bi-weekly standup calls and weekly review meetings for synchronization.

Your Expertise:

  • You should bring excellent skills in Software development with Elixir and Postgres databases
  • A proven track record in creating scalable, cloud-based systems and clean code
  • Experience working with Docker and preferably Kubernetes-based environments
  • Experience working with Azure or AWS infrastructure
  • You are happy to work independently with minimum supervision and drive your part of the platform
  • Fluent English, written and spoken.

Join us to shape the future of recruiting! Please send us your CV via E-mail to

I can definitely recommend checking out Rocketech developer from eastern europe. They are absolute professionals in the field with long-lasting experience. You can visit their site and find more about the team.