[Shastic/USA] Remote Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

We are Shastic. A distributed fintech company headquartered in Berkeley, California that offers a Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform that banks use to track and communicate with their customers when buying a loan, credit card, opening bank accounts, etc. We call this service Elle. We are looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, who can be a Team Lead.

• Advanced English Communication Skills
• Discipline: The ability to work independently towards a long term goal.
• Attention to detail
• Highly analytical with experience planning a strategic product roadmap.
• Experience leading a development team.
• 3 - 5 years of experience in building applications using Ruby on Rails and RSpec.

Job Responsibilities:
• Create RSpec specifications.
• Building complex Rails applications.
• Lead a team of developers.
• Develop and deploy refactorized code that is functional and passes all quality specs.
• Maintain good software development practices such as design patterns, refactorization, tests and documentation.
• Assist with live deployments to AWS.

Job Type: Full-time (ability to overlap 4-5 hours of California working hours)
Location: Remote

Salary: $3000-$4500/month (based on proven skills).

Contact: jobs@shastic.com

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