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"Children, did you clean your hands prior to setting up your clean clothes?"

"Honey, where is the fire extinguisher?!?"

The final one is my favorite.

Following a long day of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, then the dirt in the Turkey that dripped on the base of the oven caught fire.

That’s precisely why I chose to stash a variety of necessities throughout the home for fast and effortless accessibility.

It is essential to be aware that I"stash" items, since I like to keep our house as de-cluttered and coordinated, as possible.

It could cost a bit more for the copies, but with them will save my sanity.

The 1 principle that has to be followed: Anything has been designated to maintain a space, remains in that area.

With all of this said, this is what I"stash" and at which I"stash" it

Ultimately table cabinet:


Box of Kleenex

Little, kid-friendly pillows (for Children to lean off on the couch while their hair is still wet after showering)

From the TV console:

Board matches (for household night) and novels (to promote studying )

Flashlight/small LED lantern (for power outages)

Owners manuals and accessories (for your electronic equipment )

Drink coasters - at a tiny, faux publication, in an end table

Remote controls - at a large, faux publication, on the coffee table

hair clip and pony tail holders - at a decorative vase with a lid

Power strip attached to an extension cable (to control electronics while sitting on the couch or floor) - beneath the couch

Cell telephone and iPad chargers - connected into the power strip

Matches - at a decorative box, on top of the mantle

Wi-Fi extender using a paper clip (to reset it) - supporting the TV

Aged, hard-back, bestselling books which fit the room’s decoration (for our viewing enjoyment ) - onto a table, used as decoration

From the cupboard:


Flashlight/LED lantern
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