[u2i Kraków] We're looking for Developers to join us!

Hey! We’re looking for Developers to join our team at u2i.

u2i is a technology consulting company focused on web development. We value experience that doesn’t need to be limited to a single programming language. We are a bunch of people who like solving problems. Consultants focused on direct and constant collaboration, helping the clients to think about technology and navigate the paths of building products. We believe in teamwork and technical excellence, but we are not afraid to get our hands dirty when we inherit technical debt. We are really into personal development and we treat our company as a great enterprise and not just as a place to work.


  • You have an excellent technical and programming abilities and know at least one programming language really well
  • You care about quality
  • You are able to quickly dive into new projects
  • You feel comfortable with direct communication with clients
  • You have broad web development background
  • You possess deep knowledge of databases and SQL


  • You have a good knowledge of technologies we use (Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Scala, React, Angular)
  • You’ve worked with cloud technology like AWS
  • You did some data crunching using tools like Hive / Hadoop / Spark / Storm
  • You know that tools matter
  • You have experience in working in Agile methodologies (especially Scrum)

Some facts you might find relevant:
Salary: 6-10k PLN net on the type of contract that suits you best
Bonus: We share all company profits between ourselves so everyone gets a significant piece.
Location: We are based in Kraków at Przemysłowa 12A
Work hours: Most of us start between 8 and 11am. All of us (currently 50 people) work for the same office.
Self-development: 10% of your time (4 hours/week) you can dedicate to self-development. You get a conference budget, fully equipped library and a support of any learning initiative you want to take part in.
Business trips: We work with clients from the US (mostly East Coast) and we really encourage face-to-face meetings with them. Everyone goes to States at least once every 12-24 months.
Making life easier: We have lunches and breakfasts in the office everyday. When you work on job contract you also get Multisport card and healthcare.

So how to get to u2i? Apply by filling out the form we have here.

Interested in Junior or Senior positions? Check out our website!

Union Square Internet Development Sp. z o.o.
ul. Przemysłowa 12A/200
30-701 Kraków

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