[Unamo / Warszawa] Full-stack RoR + React.js (up to 8k net PLN)

We’re Unamo, we’re R&D department in Warsaw and we’re looking for new people for a new team.

We’re looking for a ruby / rails developer willing to learn React.js and become part of a full-stack software engineering team. The team’s tasks consist of developing both back-end and front-end of the application, including but not limited to writing code in Ruby and Javascript, creating markup in HTML and stylesheets in Sass.

What do we do:

  • SEO software under unamo.com
  • We maintain a responsive, user-friendly website with advanced functionalities
  • We crawl other websites, a lot
  • Often we have to figure out interesting approach to problems we’re facing due the fact we’re dealing with 3rd party services

Development process:

  • Two-weeks long sprints (might vary depending on team)
  • CI (with static code analysis and linters)
  • Code reviews & QA manager


  • React.js (ES2015 / CoffeeScript)
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Go
  • Rspec / Postgresql
  • Debian / Ansible / Rancher (dev tooling)
  • Bare Metals / VPS Servers / a little bit of AWS
  • Git / Github


  • At least 1 year experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Knowledge of RESTful API, SQL
  • Experience with developing front-end
  • Good communication skills
  • Good grasp of HTML/CSS/JS
  • Good command of verbal and written English

Nice to have (not required!)

  • Experience with React.js
  • Experience with full-stack development
  • Knowledge of Sass CSS preprocessor


  • Work in one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in Poland
  • A real impact on the company’s performance and growth
  • Professional development and endless opportunities to grow in a multi-cultural environment and multi-language team
  • Friendly startup culture of our company where we will encourage you to step outside your role
  • Flexible working hours & possibility to work remotely from time to time
  • Private Medical Care & our own Family Program, Multisport card
  • We provide all necessary equipment: your personal shiny Macbook, monitor

Apply HERE or write to me directly!

About us:
Unamo Polska Sp. z o.o.
NIP 521-36-27-174
Regon 145994212
KRS 417014

Koszykowa 61, 00-667 Warszawa (HQ)
Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17-19, 50-069 Wrocław (Wro R&D)

Nadal aktualne!

We have worked on divergent applications with different domains including e-commerce (Spree, ror-ecom, shopify), pharma, real-estate, Content management systems (Radiant, Refinery CMS, Locomotive CMS) etc. We have team more than 6+ years of experience in ruby on rails. We have experts who are great at handling payment gateways specially bit-coin, PayPal and stripe with managed accounts.

While writing the code we try to emphasis on code standards and modularity. Our development procedure includes writing TDD/BDD for application which helps us to make code more readable and helps in covering all the scenarios beforehand.

We try to make code modular and reusable by breaking it down in several chunks. While breaking down the code we keep in mind to make it more comprehensible and less complex.

We also have experience working on applications which includes developing multiple libraries which later we have used as a gem/engine in project.

For mobile development, and to be more specific for working on API development, using grape gem is a nice option which has helped us structure our code and making it more readable. One of the plus point of using this was, it has made versioning hassle-free. In various applications we have worked on server setup part also.

Talking in terms of database, we are convenient with both MySQL and postgres. When it comes to use NoSQL database we have a member in our team who are a good hand at mongoDB.

Also many members in our team have worked on AWS. For few of our customers we have used AWS servers where we have managed (Spin up/down server, deployment, buckets for data, Amazon Route 53) etc. A lot members in our team are experts in server handling and we have used heroku as an test server for many of our applications

We have members having knowledge of ssh, sftp. We normally deploy the application via ssh from command-line.

We have got a good grip on git. It is the most common version control tool for our applications. Creating feature branch to work on a specific feature, creating pull requests to provide if for a review to the client is the commonly followed process by us.

We have a good hand at using JQuery, using ajax call where we need a response from backend without page refresh. We are convenient with HTML and css as well.

Our primary skills includes working on ruby on rails applications with JavaScript but apart from that we have developed demos in other trending JS frameworks such as AngularJS to get acquainted with emerging new technologies and learn new things.

Also following Projects/URLs might help you in getting idea about work we had done in past.


Project Name: Elgrocer
Technology: Rails API
URL: http://www.elgrocer.com/

Project Name: MarshandCo
Technology: ROR
URL: https://www.marshandco.com/

Project Name: Jube
Technology: ROR
URL: https://www.dk.jube.co/

Project Name: Accreditation
URL: https://accreditation.ticketpay.de
Technology: Ruby on Rails

Project Name: Sockannex
URL: http://www.sockannex.com/
Technology: Ruby on Rails, Reactjs

Project Name: BridesCollective
URL: https://www.bridescollective.com/
Technology: Ruby on Rails

Project Name: Djplay
URL: http://www.djplay.com/
Technology: Ruby on Rails

Project Name: Clickable Queries Easy Redmine Plugin
URl: https://projects.pegasus-consultancy.co.uk/
Technologies: Ruby on rails, Jquery

Project Name: Sistemas Avanzados En Medicina
URL: http://retinauveitis.sistemamedico.net
Technology: Ruby on rails

Project Name: Restaurant Intelligence Agency
URL: http://www.restaurantintelligenceagency.com/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Fitnessrim
URL : https://www.fitnessrim.com/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : HelloStore
URL : https://hellostore.co.in/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Darussuffah
URL : https://darussuffah.org/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Siraprint
URL : siraprint.ca
Technology: ROR

Project Name : AirTimeup
URL : http://airtimeup.com/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Salonraf
URL : http://www.salonraf.com/login
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Websocast
URL : http://www.websocast.com/
Technology: ROR

Project Name : Betbomb
URL : http://www.betbomb.com/
Technology: ROR

Project Name: OMS
URL: http://oms.wf.net.au/
Technology: Ruby on Rails

Project Name:- eatmorsel
URL: https://eatmorsel.com
Technology:- Angular, Ruby on rails, PHP (wordpress)

Project Name: infinu
URL : https://www.altino.com
Technology:- ROR

Project Name : Myschool
URL : https://myschool411.com/
Technology: ROR

Sample Code:

Gems :

Could you please join me on Skype : cisin.sean that will be good for me to get your vision .

Sean P