[USA] looking for Warsaw development firm

Hi, Warsaw Rubyists!

I’m the CEO of a Rails development firm in NYC. Have heard great things about the general tech scene in Warsaw and thought I’d reach out here to see if there’s a small company who’d like to partner with us.

We build web and mobile apps for US-based companies ranging from startups to bigger brands. Website is www.diversionmedia.com. We host our own repo, all our sites are on EC2, we use Mongo.db for newer projects, generally have a very Rails-centric approach to the world.

Looking for a partner to take on smaller feature requests for current clients to start with, and perhaps grow into full project collaboration over time. We generally provide wireframes, specs, and task management, so we’re looking for direct access to developers with some oversight rather than full agency services.

If you have video experience as well, especially any experience with ffmpeg, I’d like to hear about that, too.

Hope it’s ok to post in English here! Please contact me directly via email or skype…



skype: nbutterworth

Please excuse my offtopic, but if you’re from NYC and heard good things about Warsaw Ruby scene – have you heard it from Rocky Bernstein, the author of Ruby debuggers? He’s a great guy, it was an honor to host his talk here :slight_smile:

no, i actually heard about the warsaw tech/startup scene in general from a friend who’s working with some python guys there… but i figured, where there is good python there is probably good rails!

SetJam :slight_smile:
Great team, we meet sometimes. Python and Ruby communities are pretty close in Poland (http://rupy.eu – check it). And you’re right, we have a great Ruby community here in Warsaw.