[Warsaw] Ruby Developer @ Foap (5000-8000 PLN Netto / B2B)

Ruby Developer @ foap.com

We’d like you to be a person who:

  • Writes high quality, well-tested code in Ruby
  • Knows RDB (we are using PostgreSQL)
  • Learns and grows constantly
  • Loves to experiment with new technologies

What we offer

  • Opportunity to work on a real world project used by dozens of world-famous brands and hundreds of thousands of users
  • Chance to have a real impact on development process
  • Comfortable, spacious office in the very center of Warsaw (Swede Center)
  • High-end hardware (Macbook or iMac) and a comfy chair
  • Spontaneous team outings once in awhile :slight_smile:
  • There’s a dining room in the same building
  • Great working atmosphere and friendly team mates
  • Option to work remotely (partially)
  • International environment
  • Multisport

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Working on API which is used by mobile apps, front-end and by partners
  • Maintaining the application and improving performance (we are having heavy loads on our databases, and we want to improve significantly response times of our endpoints)
  • Automating business processes
  • Working on the internal CMS

Our stack includes:

  • Ruby on Rails and few Ruby microservices
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Beanstalkd
  • ElasticSearch
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Lately we are experimenting with GraphQL

How do we work

  • Well tested code (RSpec)
  • CI
  • We are using simple branching model - it allows us to deliver code to production as soon as the task is completed.

About the Team

We are a small, but very experienced team which focuses on building scalable, maintainable app. We have strong commitment to quality. Continuous delivery is part of our process. Our everyday workflow includes code review and writing specs. We want to improve our codebase all the time to deliver a product we’re passionate about.

Oh, and we’re looking for more ping-pong players! :slight_smile:

About Foap

Foap is a user-generated photography service that answers the growing demand from brands, advertising agencies and consumers for real, authentic imagery. Through an iOS/Android mobile application, users can monetize photos through Foap Marketplace at a flat-rate license of $10 per image (split 50/50 between the photographer and Foap). Foap Missions save marketers time finding the right photo by providing the ability to crowdsource custom, on-demand photo assets from a highly engaged community of social photography enthusiasts. With the most competitive licensing structure in the industry and a fast-growing customer base, Foap is the antidote to the stock photography challenges brands and agencies are increasingly facing in the social age. Download the Foap app from Google Play or App Store.

If you are interested with our offer just contact me: michal.samluk@foap.com