[Wrocław] Senior Ruby Developer (11-15k B2B)


Apply here for the role: https://polyteknium.com/#apply-bk

A little background on us

At Polyteknium, we’re recruiting and assembling Poland’s best tech talent to deliver modern, robust and scalable software solutions to the international market.

We’re looking for individuals who believe in getting things done, who truly want to build quality software, who are learning fanatics, and who enjoy working in teams with driven and open-minded colleagues.

Roles & responsibilities

As an Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Polyteknium, you will architect, build and test the foundation of software applications for clients in North America.

On the technical side, you have substantial experience working with various database technologies (eg. SQL/NoSQL), implementing backend architectures from start to finish, and building out an automated testing suite (eg. unit, integration, interface testing). You’re familiar with data modeling, converting business logic into code, and refactoring legacy code to make it more readable and testable.

On the operational side, you have experience working with English-speaking clients abroad and working in tight-feedback, high-communication loops. You understand build & deployment flows, version control, continuous integration, code review and testing - in other words, sustainable software engineering practices.

In bullet-points, that includes:

  • Architecting, building and refactoring backends written in Ruby
  • Recommending and implementing sustainable software patterns as well as software engineering practices (eg. testing, continuous integration, documentation, version control workflows, automated builds)
  • Data modeling based on business requirements
  • Database management (eg. optimization, dev/prod environments, schema migrations)
  • Ensuring app data security (eg. knowledge of certificates, XSS, Unix access permissioning)
  • Working closely with front-end developers as the app evolves

Preferred qualifications

We’re looking for someone with 4+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails backend development and experience in enterprise software engineering practices.

In bullets, we’d like to see:

  • Demonstrated experience with Ruby on Rails development
  • Proven ability to improve and implement enterprise software engineering practices for legacy codebases or startups with less mature engineering practices
  • Understanding of and experience with relational databases and non-relational
  • Familiarity with JavaScript front-ends (eg. React, Vue, Angular, Redux)
  • Nice-to-have: Experience with hosted solutions (AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku) and scaling (eg. load balancing, redundancy, fault-tolerance)
  • Nice-to-have: Familiarity working with DevOps (eg. Linux experience, bash scripts/automated deployment tools)

Work expectations

  • Flexible schedule: work from home or coworking space
  • Results-oriented: success is measured not by hours worked but by results
  • Daily status updates on progress


11,000 to 15,000zl B2B net + VAT, depending on experience and ability

Our culture

We believe that to run a good business, first and foremost you need to have good people. This means committing to a culture that is sustainable in the long run.

We value:

  • Ownership: you exercise autonomy in your work and “get it done” despite potential obstacles
  • High standards: high standards are contagious - quality and continuous improvement are priorities
  • Curiosity: you ask questions when things don’t make sense, and you are fanatical learner
  • Transparency: you are open and vocal about problems
  • Work-life balance: work can wait

Interested? Apply here! https://polyteknium.com/#apply-bk