Beta District PL [Poznań, remote] [6000- 13000] Junior/Mid Engineers

We’re looking for extraordinary people to help us create technology for the future. We build using technologies like Ruby on Rails, Go and React JS and believe in continuous delivery, BDD, code reviews and pair programming. If these and other new technologies excite you, we’d love for you to show us what you can do.
At Beta District your creativity will be nurtured and your brilliant ideas rewarded.
Learning is a journey. That’s why we have a strong focus on career development and training, promoting internal education that encourages you to accomplish incredible things. With our tailored career development and training programs, you can achieve your career potential, because we want to help you grow.

What we can offer:

  • Salary starting from 6,000 net
  • A new MacBook and accessories to make sure you’re working with the best technology
  • Private health insurance
  • Co-financing of an English language course
  • Constant support from our global team
  • Great, bicycle and dog friendly office in Poznań
  • Remote work

What we need from you:

  • 2 years experience in computer science, or related disciplines
  • In depth knowledge of, and passion for, at least one of JavaScript, GoLang, Ruby, Java, Python, C++, or C#
  • In depth knowledge of at least one data store from PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle; primarily knowledge of database design and SQL
  • In depth knowledge of at least one modern front end framework such as React.js, AngularJS or Ember
  • Experience with Git and/or GitHub.
  • A mindset to create both DAMP and DRY code
  • Have an understanding of software development principles, but be creative enough to know when to break them
  • Have the ability to communicate at all levels of the organization, both verbally and written, in English
    Other helpful skills:
  • A degree in Computer Science
  • Linux server administration and command line interface (CLI) experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of any of the following a plus - Redis, NoSQL, RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of modern front end techniques and frameworks such as SASS, LESS, Bootstrap and responsive web design
  • Knowledge of any of the following a plus - AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Azure
  • Knowledge of any of the following a plus - Docker, Codeship
  • Knowledge of any of the following helpful - Confluence or equivalent wiki, Pivotal Tracker or equivalent task Tracker

More info:

27 Grudnia 9/7
61-737 Poznań

Want to try yourself, check out our challenge:

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Chyba chodzi o przyklejenie a nie doklejenie. Jeżeli chodzi o przyklejenie tematu, to proszę zapoznać się z: Jak poprawnie dodać ogłoszenie?. W tym momencie post nie spełniała wszystkich warunków.

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Dzięki @Lena za odpowiedź, te pozycje juniorksie też jak rozumiem są dostępne zdalnie? :slight_smile:

Tak @hydroxyzinum , jeśli potrafisz efektywnie pracować (i uczyć się) zdalnie to jak najbardziej :slight_smile:

It’s not completely working. It should play some music on pressing Space key, but unfortunately this code prevents it from playing that music.

this.iHaveNoIdeaWhatIAmDoing = window.location.protocol + "//" + window.location.hostname + (location.port ? ":" + location.port : "") + "music.txt"