Fun Job for Remote Full Stack Developer

Many years ago I placed an ad here (Looking for a fulltime RoR developer) and got a number of good applicants. One of the guys ended up working with me full time and continues to work remotely from home in Poland.

We now have more openings for full stack, reliable, team workers who share our love of Rails.

We are startup looking for a junior - senior level full stack developer who loves Ruby on Rails and has been coding in the framework for some time. We prefer to find good fits to our culture and build long term relationships. As such we will hire more than one candidate and evaluate the fit as we go. You’ll work daily with a lead architect and existing senior developer. We tend to hire in Poland so team members can communicate easily in your native language but we do require that you are comfortable speaking and writing in English as I’ll be managing you and we will be communicating exclusively in English.

Our stack is comprised of Rails 4, MySQL, Angular, and Resque for some background processing. You’ll need to be comfortable in Git. We use Slack for team communication and Lighthouse App for feature/bug tickets (you don’t need experience in either… they are very intuitive and easy to pick up).

Day to day tasks will initially be focused on working through the queue of user stories that need implementing. The app is only 40% built and has a long list of documented features that need building. By spring of next year the focus will move to a mix of feature building and bug fixing as we install the first customers.

We are looking for candidates that have a strong background in using design principles when modeling their code. A tidy workflow and a discipline to follow steps is also something our team prides itself in. Candidates should follow best practices to create clean code that is both readable, easy to understand, and follows the format of already written code. Ideal candidates will have a firm understanding of *nix. CSS prowess isn’t necessary but its a huge plus if you can make the app look pretty as you build features. We are utilizing Bootstrap and an existing, paid Bootstrap theme. You must be already accustom to testing all code before committing it. Angular experience is a plus but not required. You will however be required to learn on your own to work with Angular as some features are already using it.

** Notes on the Time Commitment **
In the first 2 weeks you will work half time (20 hours per week). At the end of 2 weeks the lead architect will review your progress, and code and if all is good you will be moved to full-time. Great team members can work more than 40 hours if they wish (though we don’t believe it is health for people to be working that much continuously). We want you to take care of yourself and have a life beyond Rails. :slight_smile:

Pay is competitive and paid monthly via wire transfer, PayPal or if you prefer the security provided by ODesk we are happy to setup a private job for you there. We have a solid 5 star reputation on ODesk.

One last and very important requirement is reliability. Please don’t apply and tell me you are available full time just to disappear for two weeks with no communication. I need quality developers who I can count on to deliver what they promise and who will communicate regularly.

You may work 20 hours a week, 40 hours a week or any amount in between. We are flexible but just need to know up front what you can dedicate so we can plan appropriately.

I’m happy to provide a reference in Poland who has been working with us for years.

Send your CV to: tony -AT-

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